Cardero scientists have discovered a novel hormone and a natural product mimic that induce mitochondria biogenesis, and the IP is wholly owned by Cardero. A novel, small molecule signaling mechanism that:
  • increases mitochondrial synthesis of ATP in response to metabolic demand
  • induces mitochondria to replicate and/or undergo hypertrophy: termed mitochondrial biogenesis
  • Promotes regeneration of tissue depleted of mitochondria, particularly skeletal muscle
Significance of Mitochondrial biogenesis
  • is essential throughout life and till date the ONLY known initiator is physical exercise
  • progressively declines through life, starting in the 30’s with a correlation to age-related diseases
  • Mitochondria depletion/dysfunction is a consequence or cause of many disease states
  • Essential for specific differentiated functions in tissues with high energy consumption: heart, liver, muscle, and brain
  • Restoration of mitochondrial density associated with regeneration of muscle, heart, and brain
  • Cardero Therapeutics has discovered the first human hormone proven to regulate mitochondrial biogenesis and has developed a portfolio of NCEs based on two pharmacophores: the hormone and epicatechin, its structural homolog.”

Mitochondria dysfunction or depletion plays a causal or consequential role in many diseases